Licensing Study Tools

Study Manuals

FAIA Member Services publishes Florida Department of Insurance study guides for general lines agents and adjusters licensing. The comprehensive manuals include DFS certified Q&As to help prepare for the license exams.

  • General Lines Agent and Customer Representative Manual can be used for the following licenses: 2-20 General Lines Agent; 20-44 Personal Lines Agent; 4-40 Customer Representative; 4-42 Limited Customer Representative; and 2-21 Motor Vehicle Physical Damage and Mechanical Breakdown Agent.
  • Adjusters Study Manual can be used for the following licenses: 5-20, 6-20, 73-20 All Lines Adjuster; 5-44, 6-44, 73-44, 75-44 Property and Casualty Adjuster; 5-24,
    6-24, 73-24, 75-24 Workers’ Compensation Adjuster; 5-40, 6-40, 73-40, 75-40 Health Adjuster; 5-21, 6-21, 73-21, 75-21 Motor Vehicle Damage/Mechanical Breakdown;
    3-20 All Lines Public Adjuster; 3-44 Property and Casualty Public Adjuster; and 3-21 Motor Vehicle Damage/Mechanical Breakdown.

Flash Cards

FMS offers flash cards to help those studying for the 2-20 or 4-40 exam. More than 200 questions cover every area that may come up in the state test.

Exam Workbook

The Florida Insurance Exam Workbook for general lines agents and customer representatives includes more than 500 review questions, four sample exams, and many real life examples to help you better understand the material.

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