Disaster Recovery



Nothing tests an insurance agent’s ability to meet a client’s needs like an unforeseen disaster. Insurance agencies, more than any other business, are obligated to be available to clients when disaster strikes. So what happens when the disaster also strikes YOUR agency?

FAIA preferred provider Agility Recovery has responded to more than 560 agency-related disasters, whether it’s a broken water pipe, a building fire, or a hurricane. Agents who choose Agility receive access to an affordable and reliable recovery solutions for an affordable monthly membership fee.

When disaster hits, Agility is there on the scene, providing your agency with any, or all, of the critical elements you need to keep your agency in business. FAIA members get a specially negotiated rate of $420/month, and the day you become a member your agency is covered.

Agility’s ReadySuite delivers any or all of the four key elements of recovery:

  • Power: Emergency generators stationed around North America.
  • Technology: IT and office equipment stocked for express delivery.
  • Space: Numerous options to fit your business needs, including commercial, retail and mobile office space.
  • Connectivity: Satellite connectivity to restore phone and Internet service.

For more information and to join, visit Agility Recovery online or call 866.364.9696