Information Technology Services

Courtesy Computers


Courtesy Computers is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) that focuses on delivering quality IT services and solutions to independent insurance agencies, from assessment to installation and beyond, including:

  • Vital off-site data backup services.
  • Tiered network management services for a fixed fee.
  • Crucial IT growth management consulting and network systems assessments.

Courtesy’s quality services will enhance your IT investment. Its managed network services will keep your systems secure and operating at peak performance now and in the future. 

Their CourtesyCare team provides reliable and prompt second-level support to your IT staff on issues beyond their scope of experience. 

By investing in a wide range of Courtesy Care Managed Service Plans, all Courtesy Care clients receive priority response and cost control.

CourtesyCare: Managed IT Services

After an initial assessment of your network, CourtesyCare staff will be able to offer your organization a comprehensive managed IT services plan that will help you maintain continued operational stability, system performance, and systems security. This support allows your agency the freedom and comfort in knowing you can continue growing your business without the hassle, time, and expense of maintaining your own IT systems.

An extension of your IT team
Courtesy’s managed services provide help-desk and network support for businesses without internal or local IT support, and complement those businesses that have a full IT staff and/or local IT vendor support. Service level agreements (SLA) are designed to meet your specific operational needs. 

FAIA members receive a 50% discount on initial comprehensive network assessments!

Managed IT Services Pricing
Monthly flat fee





Managed Workstation




Managed Server




Managed Network Site




Off-Site Data Backup Services (OBM)

With legacy tape backup systems experiencing high failure rates (up to 70 percent) on full system restores, agency owners must consider a secondary form of data archiving and retrieval. Courtesy’s Data Backup Manager will help ensure data integrity and availability, and assist your agency in meeting compliancy guidelines of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Graham Leach Bliley Acts. Visit for details. 

30 days free service and an additional 2GB of data storage included each month for all FAIA members!

Data Backup Services Pricing

Total Data Stored (Gigabytes)

Price per Gig per Month

FAIA Members

2.5 to 19 GB

$10.00 per GB

2 gigs FREE

20 to 50 GB

$9.50 per GB

2 gigs FREE

51 to100 GB

$8.50 per GB

2 gigs FREE

100 to 199 GB

$7.50 per GB

2 gigs FREE


$6.75 per GB

2 gigs FREE

Proactive Courtesy Care Services



  • Analysis & Design
  • Project Management
  • Technology Planning
  • Procurement Services
  • Advanced Network Design
  • Design/Implementation Service
  • Technology Life cycle Planning
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Design
  • Site Surveys
  • Premises Wiring
  • Systems Installation
  • Performance Testing
  • Pre-installation Testing
  • Network Documentation
  • Data Circuit Provisioning
  • System Operation Training
  • System Installation Planning
  • Managed Moves and Upgrades



  • Firewall/Security
  • LAN/WAN Technologies
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Network Security Protection
  • Off-Site Data Backup Solutions
  • High Availability Services
  • Critical Server Co-Location
  • Hosted Server Solutions
  • Help Desk Support
  • Block-Time Plans
  • Equipment Leasing
  • 24-hour Emergency Services
  • Proactive Monthly Maintenance Plans
  • Courtesy Care Service Programs
  • Remote Network Support Programs
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Remote System Monitoring
  • On-site Repair and Replacement Services

FAIA Member Discounts for all CourtesyCare AdHoc Services

Service Description

Per minute

FAIA Member

Remote Help Desk Support

$2.00 / min

$1.83 / min

On-Site Workstation Support

$1.60 / min

$1.42 / min

On-Site Server Support & IT Consulting

$2.10 / min

$1.92 / min

For further details about our online data backup program:
Call: 954-321-8605
Off-site Backup: