RLI In-Home Business Policy


Home-based business is one of the fast growing business markets in the country. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 1 in 9 workers was self-employed in 2009. With such high numbers, are you missing an opportunity to better serve your customers?

As an independent agent, whenever you write a homeowners policy you should ask if the customers runs a full or part time business from home. Many homeowners don’t realize that their homeowners’ policies exclude coverage for business pursuits; offering the RLI In-Home Business Policy covers your clients’ operations while reducing your exposure to E&O loss. RLI provides coverage using an ISO BOP form that provides broad coverage for business-related exposures. Premiums start as low as $150.

Why RLI In-Home Business Policy?

  • 12 percent commission on new and renewal business.
  • Revenues generated to FMS are included in the calculation for earning the Utilization Bonus.

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Tips for Submitting HBP Applications
In-Home Business Policy Application (pdf)
In-Home Business Policy Supplemental Application (pdf)
2015 In-Home Business Policy Changes
In-Home Business Policy Rates (effective 3/1/15)
HBP Rating Worksheet (pdf)
Business Eligibility Class Descriptions (pdf)
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HBP Renewal Process

Sales Tools
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